Client Testimonials

Cathyia and Nikki - San Jose, Ca

Liz is extremely attentive and very patient with all the questions. She pointed out things that a new home buyer might not know and we learned so much information about houses from her. Due to my work schedule, I often have to contact her after hours. She works with my schedule and makes sure we are informed with the procedures.

The one thing that really stands out for me is that she tries to step in our shoes when visiting possible options, giving us useful suggestions and advises during the house hunting journey. We never feel pressured or embarrassed to tell her how we feel about the options, we can sincerely feel that she has our best interest at heart. We can fully trust her with our decisions. 

All and all, we feel extremely fortunate to have her as an agent of our first home experience. We know who to look for when we decided to purchase another house in the future.

Mildred and Reggie - Walnut Creek, Ca

Liz is such an amazing realtor. As a first time homebuyer, she walked us through the process and made us feel comfortable. She went above and beyond to make sure that we will get the deal and we will have the advantage. It is a tough market but things happened for our family. We just cant thank her enough. Thanks again Liz!

Liz - South San Francisco, CA

As a first time buyer, I had very limited knowledge and tons of questions in the beginning. Liz sat down with me for about 1 hr and thoroughly explained how the process works, the meaning of all the documents that I would potentially encounter, areas that I should pay attention to etc. She also gave me suggestions on a couple neighborhoods that would fit my needs which was not in my target search area initially. During the whole process (and even after the house was closed), Liz was very responsive to all of my questions. She gave me her professional advice while never making me feel pressured to take her advice; instead, she always let me make decisions that I am comfortable with. Another thing I wanted to mention is by working with Liz, I got to leverage not only her own network but also that of her very resourceful colleague/mentor, Lee in the process, which also contributed to help me win the bidding war in the end.